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WE are the Stainless Steel fabrication experts

Whether it's Stainless Steel, sheet metal or heavy metal fabrication, orbital welding, plant machinery relocation or expert labour hire services or design Wallan Engineering are experts in all fields. Our capabilities can be worked across a large number of industries such as food and beverage processing, biopharmaceutical, agricultural and building and construction to name just a few. All completed and carried out by highly trained and skilled staff and using the best and latest equipment.

For more detailed explanations on the work we can provide you can read more below.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Wallan Engineering specialises in stainless-steel design and fabrication, orbital tube welding and pipe welding. We have been meeting the food processing industry's stainless-steel requirements for 30 years. Our work is performed by technically competent industry specialists.

Orbital Welding

Orbital welding of piping and critical tubing is essential for industries such as biopharmaceutical, food processing, brewing, dairy and semi-conductor. Employing orbital welding procedures also minimises the propagation of micro-organisms in pipe and tubes. All welds are recorded to permit tractability.

We are leaders and experts in the field of orbital welding. We have completed major projects for large breweries and beverage manufacturers  where orbital welding was performed on more than 20km of stainless pipes and tubes ranging from 25mm-150mm. Other product experience includes milk, biscuits, salads and flour. We also specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of stand alone, skid mounted beverage systems, including PLC and software.

Work Shop Fabrication

Our customised workshop fabrication capabilities are extensive and provide a range of sheet-metal fabrication services to industries such as biopharmaceutical, food processing, brewing, dairy and semi-conductor. The principle of their design is to reduce the risk of errors and allow for effective cleaning and maintenance in order to minimise any undesirable effect on the safety, efficacy and quality of products manufactured. Pipe work and other stainless-steel apparatus are designed and fabricated in such a way as to avoid the formation of recesses, which are difficult to clean.

Steel Fabrication

We also have extensive experience in heavy steel fabrication. Our workshop includes multiple overhead cranes, heavy duty MIG and ARC equipment as well as our experienced team of boilermakers and welders. We have completed countless large steel projects ranging from heavy vehicle modifications to several kilometres of galvanized overhead gantries.

Plant Relocation

Plant relocation operations can be very demanding and require a high level of attention and organisation. At Wallan engineering we have completed many relocations for some of the largest companies in Australia. Our impeccable safety record, experienced personel and attention to detail are second to none. Utilising our extensive fleet of trucks, cranes and specialist lifting equipment, there is no job we cant handle.

CAD Design Services

Wallan Engineering can handle all of your design and prototyping needs. Our design office is equipped with the latest CAD CAM software for 3D modelling, 2D drawing as well as load testing and engineering. We can take you all the way through the process from design to manufacture.

Our Equipment

In addition to our fully featured workshop, we also have both large and small forklifts, rear mounted twin steer crane truck with a 17 tonne long reach crane mounted. To handle difficult plant relocation operations we also have 2 Vkart 3 tonne cranes to remove equipment where many could not access. The cranes are available in gasoline or electric configuration pending the sites requirements.

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