Wallan Engineering

WE are the Stainless Steel fabrication experts

WE are one of Australia’s finest and most innovative family run and owned engineering companies.

Introducing Len DeBoer - Founder, Owner and Director

Len began fabricating over 35 plus years ago at his home in Wallan, on the outskirts of Melbourne's Northern suburbs. From the humble beginnings of a small home workshop and operation, Wallan Engineering was born and began its first maintenance program in the printing industry. 

Over the years, Len's ability to solve complex process issues and maintenance problems, with his dedicated team of engineering specialists,  has become invaluable to some of the biggest manufacturers in the country. Today Wallan Engineering remains a family owned and operated business with Len still active in the company today.  


Call the Stainless Steel engineering experts on 03 9357 9290 for help and advice with your next project.

20 Barry Road, Campbellfield VIC, 3061, Australia